Consumer Education


Consumer protection tips for best practices to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.

Odometer Fraud Warning

That shiny, beautiful, freshly detailed, never been in a wreck, gotta buy it today, low mileage, late model, previously owned car or truck may be your worst nightmare. The extra money you took out of savings to buy this vehicle may have just been ripped off by a thief. You may have just become a victim of odometer fraud.

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Motor Vehicle Fraud Protection

DHSMV is committed to educating consumers on safe car-buying practices. Purchasing a vehicle is a major investment and many consumers may not be aware of all of the ways they can protect themselves against fraudulent dealers or vehicle sales. Consumers should do as much research as possible to protect that investment. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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Identity Theft & Driver License Fraud Protection

Driver license fraud is a crime. Anyone suspected of committing driver license fraud may be charged with any of a number of violation of state and/or federal law. Find out more about protecting yourself and reporting identity theft and driver license fraud.

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